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BA is an enterprise group with a number of independent intellectual property rights, integrated transport packaging and third party logistics service concept. It provides excellent overall packaging solutions for first-class multinational enterprises.
It integrates wood, paper, plastic, metal, foam, anti rust and other packing materials. With advanced technology R & D strength to break through the traditional technology, for customers from the workshop to the scene of the packaging, fixture, anti-collision protection, rust protection, pile type EU box, tray, tray, oubiao lashing locks and other full service. It provides seamless overall packing service for mechanical equipment, test tooling, Airbus, transportation, auto parts transportation, machinery and equipment transportation and other application fields.
PA provides packaging, logistics, warehousing, relocation, circulation and other services.
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  • Release time: 1499317522 - 1499317522 - 1499317522
    The utility model discloses a detachable assembled type packing box, modular and a connector structure design of L type of connection component comprises a plate parallel spaced and inner plates and connecting plate between the outer plate a
  • Release time: 1497335644 - 1497335644 - 1497335644
    The paper is cutting, folding, and easy characteristic viscosity and easy nail, so the paper packaging according to different products, design every kind of box type, box type; compared with wood products, paper and paperboard with the absor
  • Release time: 1499505786 - 1499505786 - 1499505786
    The sliding wooden box adopts a sliding wooden chassis, and the side and the end face are made of box plates and wooden cases. Wooden skid belongs to medium-sized wooden box, the contents of quality limited to 200-1500 kg size, long, wide, h
  • Release time: 1497336238 - 1497336238 - 1497336238
    Blister packaging is the use of plastic technology to produce plastic products, and the corresponding equipment for packaging products collectively. Blister packaging of raw materials are mainly PVC, PS, PP, PET, PETG and flocking, antistati
  • Release time: 1497336437 - 1497336437 - 1497336437
    VCI is a volatile corrosion inhibitor, referred to as gasification resistant products. Vapor phase anti rust packaging technology is to use metal phase inhibitor (volatile corrosion inhibitor) in the sealed container to prevent metal product
  • Release time: 1497336857 - 1497336857 - 1497336857
    Static electricity is an objective natural phenomenon, produced in a variety of ways, such as contact, friction, etc.. Static electricity is characterized by high voltage, low power, small current and short acting time. Static electricity c
  • Release time: 1499158139 - 1499158139 - 1499158139
    Field packing provides one-stop service from design to production, product handling, on-site packaging, storage and transportation. According to customer requirements design customized transport packaging program, to achieve moisture, shock,...
  • Release time: 1499158119 - 1499158119 - 1499158119
    The establishment and development of logistics, business flow, capital flow and information flow to four in one as the carrier, one-stop supply of virtual production supply chain integration production service supply chain, circulation...
  • Release time: 1499158083 - 1499158083 - 1499158083
    The third party warehouse is different from the general leasing, warehousing and storage. It can provide professional, efficient, economical and accurate distribution service. If the enterprise wants to achieve a high level of quality...
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